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Black Hawk Down - 30th anniversary mission for Spectre Operations

    At 9 September we will play some presentation/demo game at a historical wargame convention, Historikum XVI. in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. Because the Battle of Mogadishu took place almost exactly 30 years ago, I choose the equally famous and tragic episode to play, when the two Delta snipers, MSG Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart defended the second Black Hawk's crash site. I think it's pretty well known, so everybody who saw the film can relate to, the US side is just a few figures, so it's ideal to new players. I make some special rules, furthermore, I tried to take the original events as a basis, not the film only. For example, there is an MH-60 Minigun OTA for some turns, on which the third Delta sniper stayed at Super 6-2, provide air support for Gordon and Shughart, but that Black Hawk was hit by an RPG too, but fortunately was able to make a crash landing in a safe area. The mission's description is below:

MSG Gary Gordon, test game

Last stand at the Super 6-4’s wreck
Battle of Mogadishu – 30th anniversary

US side:
Delta Sniper MSG Gary Gordon
Elite tier Commander    
Colt M723 (Carbine w/reddot), Colt M1911 (Pistol), body armor
Delta sniper SFC Randy Shughart
Elite tier sergeant           
M21 (Battle rifle [Note! Extra rule: Rapid fire] w/reddot), Colt M1911 (Pistol), body armor
CWO Michael Durant
Professional pilot             
MP5A3 (SMG), body armor
Note: Pilot is treated wounded, cannot move, but can be dragged!
Extra rules:
Last stand:
If an enemy hit in 1st RI, Delta snipers can shoot again another enemy in 2” of the previous target.
Every shoot counts:
If a weapon has a Rapid fire or Automatic rule, then can shoot any avialable target 2” apart in the 1st RI, don’t requested to shoot a single target. The -1 SG penalty from Rapid fire or Automatic rules applies for every targets!
Note! These extra rules above can be combined.
Low on ammo:
From the start of turn 6, if a Delta sniper roll any number of 1’s for SG rolls, then after the firefight immediately roll a secondary D6 after each 1 results. If these secondary rolls are 3+, then nothing happens, otherwise the sniper’s main weapon is emptied, he can only use his sidearm.

Blackhawk supply:
There are 2 M16’s (Assault rifle) in the downed Black Hawk, what can be picked up, and the previous rules applies for these weapons too.

Heliborne minigun support: 
Any Delta Snipers can called in any number of times this OTA, but after each call-in, the CD values for the call-in OTA decreases by one for both of them, and the first time when the CD roll is failed, the Blackhawk is hit, and cannot provide further support! The Minigun only shoots one per turn, not two!
Victory points:
5 Points / active (Not Dead or Unconscious) US soldier / turn
1 Point for every neutralized enemy
SFC Randy Shughart, test game
Somali side:
Militiaman ~8 +D6 (Alert), starting in the 12"x6" Open Area at the table edge.
No commander, or sergeant 

Weapons: assault rifle only

Continuous reinforcement:
From the 2nd turn in the Command phase: 3+D6 Militiaman appears on one side of the board: Roll D6, 1-4 one –prearranged- table side, 5 at the player’s choice, 6 at the player’s choice and another unit appears, with D6 militiaman, on the same side or the opposite side of the board.
Victory points:
50 Points / dead or unconsious Delta Sniper
50 Point for captured Pilot
Playing area is 4'x4'. The wreck is on the center. Buildings and walls around it, about two sides totally covered, this is the Center Area. 1-2 paths to the center per side, lot of covers, barricades, barrels. There is an Open Area on one table edge (on the same side as the side where there are little cover around the downed heli), about 12"x6". This Open Area is partially covered from the crash site.

Insertion (Pre-mission, Demo game):
The two Sniper starts in the 12"x6"Open Area on the table edge.. 4-5 Militiamen alone or in two-man group walk toward the wreck about 12-18” from the table sides. The Snipers must eliminate the Somalis. No OTA’s.
„We’re it!” („cutscene”, not playable):
Delta’s treat the Pilot, drag him to cover. US side chooses their starting position for the main mission, near the wreck, (They're must be inside of the the Center Area, surrounding by buildings and walls.)
Last Stand at Super 6-4 (main mission):
The last stand. Delta’s defend the crash site as long as they can. Somalis try to overrun the US soldiers.

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